Monday, February 12, 2007


QSL NRK Nordland 675 (Bodø-tx)

An e-mail follow-up Sunday gave a nice reply from Tone Kunst, Distriktsredaktør, verifying my report of 25/1-95. I never got a reply back then, but I decided to give the report a try...the third attempt on the Bodø-tx (now replaced by Røst) succeeded !
Tusen takk til Tone !

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


QSL Radio Rønde 107.9

A big envelope from Radio Rønde-Syddjurs Lokalradio (as the full name is..) with a very friendly letter, together with perfect verification text, sveral stickers, cds with jingle samples, info about this local station, about Djursland district etc. from Niels A. Holst, Technical Manager - and also a dx-er, and even a FM-dxer :-D. I heard Radio Rønde on July, 30., 2006 during a fine DK-opening, and Niels tells me it was his wife who hosted the morning show which I received this beautiful morning.

Jeg takker så meget til dig, Niels, for dit udmerkede og venlige svar ! meget smukt !!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


QSL Hitradio RTL Sachsen 106.9

An e-mail follow-up yesterday gave a very friendly e-mail -with QSL-attachment- from Sophia Jakisch, Hörerservice. Hitradio RTL was received on phantom-tropo date February, 1., 2006, when cx went down to Lausitz and settled around Leipzig/Dresden for quite a while :-) QTH is Leipzig-Wiederau.
During this tropo opening I experienced my local radio on 106.9 being swept away by Hitradio RTL, as did Delta Radio on 105.9 with local Radio Søgne.
A very satisfying QSL, danke sehr, liebe Sophia :-)


QSL Radio RM 105.4

Quick response and e-mail verification from Juan Carlos Borrego at Grup Teletaxi/Radio RM, verifying my June, 7., 2006 reception of this Catalunya-station. Had very strong signal, and came up with great jingles and ads. Freq. 105.4 MHz, tx Montserrat.
Gracias, Juan Carlos ;-)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


QSL Station 10 92.2

Another w-mail follow-up gave a good result tonight, as Else Petersen of youth radio station in Aalborg, Nordjylland sent a friendly e-mail with verification of my autumn report to Station 10. Aalborg´s near radio stations are gathered in an "ensemble", all stations send their px on three frequencies, 92.2/106.5/107.4 all of them are heard well here -during cx of course :-) Else tells that Station 10 also is a TV station now.
Very nice, Else, thank you so much for your fine reply !


QSL DNR - Dronninglund Nærradio 99.8

A brief but very welcome verification mail from the small near radio station DNR- Dronninglund Nærradio, heard on both 99.8 and 104.3 Mhz last Summer. (Rpt on 99.8) Limited hours, /afternoons mostly, qth Hjallerup (99.8 MHz). Dronninglund is situated between Aalborg and Sæby in Nordjylland. V/s is Kurt Jensen, Station manager. Takk til dig, Kurt !

Monday, January 29, 2007


QSL Radio Prime 98.9

Another follow-up sent yesterday resulted in a (very brief) verification on a Summer 2005 reception report. Only heard once, R Prime is a rare guest this far south. Not really a difficult frequency, but cx. to the east are not regular here in Kr.sand. V/s is one "Nippe" ?? QTH Grebbestad/Tanum (Norwegian land until 1600 apprx?), 300w.


QSL SR P4 Sjuhärad 102.9

Nice e-mail from Gunnar F. Novik, reporter and newscaster of Radio Sjuhärad, a SR.reg. station I only have managed to receive in 2005. No reply on the first attempt, but after a reminder I got this reply. QTH Borås-Dalsjøfors, 60 kw. This one really should be heard more frequently ?

Thanks to Gunnar for this friendly reply ! :-)

Friday, January 26, 2007


QSL Eesti R3 Klassikaraadio 106.6

E-mail reply from Marge-Ly Rookäär of Klassikaraadio tonight became my first FM-QSL from Estonia/Estland. I sent a taped report, tentative reception (strong indications) of Tropo-scatter of the Tallinn radiotower-tx (?) on 106.6 Mhz, heard in August (can´t remember exact date) 2006.

Very welcome, and thanks to Marge !!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


More QSLs from NDR :-)

Another bunch of QSL-cards came today, verifying autumn reports (the two last ones from Dec., 21, 2006)

NDR 1 Niedersachsen, Zernien 91.2 -heard once.
NDR 2, Torfhaus 92.1 -rare catch.
NDR 1 Niedersachsen, Torfhaus 92.1 -difficult frequency.
NDR Kultur, Torfhaus 99.5 - at the right cx!
NDR 2, Stadthagen 102.6 -heard twice
NDR N-JOY, Grevesmühlen 103.4 -heard once

Tnx again, NDR !!!!!

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